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Right by the fields of produce ...
Right by the fields of produce and flowers. Typical produce market PLUS large coolers of prepared casseroles and desserts including TOMATO PIE. Also a number of low country items. A must-visit when you're at Edisto!
E R. via - Sep 22, 2020
The boiled peanuts were enormous! The okra looked kind of old. Tomatoes were good. Squash was good and small just like I like it.
Walker Burbage via - Sep 19, 2020
Who doesn't love fresh produce and baked goods!
Tony Bond via - Sep 17, 2020
Very friendly young ladies working, lots of goodies to choose from too!! Brownie Cheesecake pie is
Very friendly young ladies working, lots of goodies to choose from too!! Brownie Cheesecake pie is awesome!! It is a definite stop if you are this way!!
Deborah Wright via - Sep 16, 2020
Good fresh produce ... read more
Jane Shaw via - Sep 16, 2020
Nice just wasn't happy with what we bought ... read more
Brenda Perritte via - Sep 10, 2020
Get there early for the best picks. Super busy and you have to try the pies and casseroles! They are a little pricy but worth it. My fave is the tomatoe pie and keylime pie!
Marvel Comics Fan via - Sep 8, 2020
Whenever we head to Edisto we make sure there's room in the cooler so that this can be a stop. You never know what delicious food they will have.
Erica Marabella via - Sep 8, 2020
The best Key Lime pie! We always make a trip to Kings Farm Market when we are in Charleston.
Kayla Fineran via - Sep 7, 2020
Wonderful selection, boiled pnuts, key lime pie, ready to cook casseroles, and fresh vegetables. Worth the trip!
Ted Slocam via - Sep 7, 2020
They have a lot of different goodies.
Vera Crane via - Sep 4, 2020
Been coming here for years. Don't miss out on the tomato pie and the Vidalia onion pie. Also some of the nicest people to talk to. Truly a essential stop before, during, and after your beach vacation.
Jason Reichman via - Aug 31, 2020
Expensesive ... read more
Bonnie Barfield via - Aug 31, 2020
Love this farmer's market. This year I stopped by on my way home and filled my cooler with goodies to take home. Breakfast quiche, seafood casserole, key lime pie...not to mention the fresh produce.
Caroline via - Aug 25, 2020
Never visit the island without at least one stop at King's. Perfect little produce stop, but amazing for dessert to take home.
Donnetta via - Aug 24, 2020
Nice place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Excellent peaches and melons. Pie was delicious. Prices little high but at the local level. You can also buy cheeses, eggs, meats, ready to eat seafood meals, jams. What is the most important very nice owners/people that work there. You buy yummy food and have great conversation. Going b ... read more
Mika BlaBlaBla via - Aug 24, 2020
Great produce and the staff was very helpful.
Bobby Patterson via - Aug 22, 2020
Always have what you need. Only place we shop for veggies and deserts......
Charles Flanery via - Aug 20, 2020
Great fresh vegetables and best key lime pie ever!
Great fresh vegetables and best key lime pie ever!
Becky Hunter via - Aug 18, 2020
I waiting for family to come camp to we can try out the key lime pie ... read more
Sally Singleton via - Aug 18, 2020
We traveled from Summerville to Edisto to buy their Tomato pies, crab dip and pimento cheese ... read more
JEFF PETERSON via - Aug 16, 2020
Friendly staff. Good selection of fresh produce. A lot of people come here for their Key Lime pie. They also have homemade premade vegetable casseroles.
Todd Brooks via - Aug 16, 2020
Fresh veggies and amazing baked goods. All good!
Debbie Bridwell via - Aug 12, 2020
Typical open air market. Great looking produce! Was upset that they didnt have the key lime pies they had advertised. Ive had a hankering for some homemade key lime pie since i saw the sign. Hopefully they'll have some next time.
Parker Glenn via - Aug 11, 2020
They always have the best veggies and pies. We stop everyone we go to Edisto Beach.
David Wright via - Aug 9, 2020
Love to stop here leaving or going into Edisto the spiced muscadine butter jam and the key lime pie😋🥧 ... read more
JoAnn Harris via - Aug 8, 2020
Cute little stop over coming into Edisto. Fresh local fruits and vegetable as well as snacks and ice cream with a couple tables to sit and relax ... read more
Becky I via - Aug 4, 2020
Trip to Edisto is not complete without a stop here on the way in and out. Fresh foods, great deserts!
Dustin Curtis via - Aug 4, 2020
Great 👌 and wonderful ☺️ food and produce as well as also beautiful flowers and more...
allen king via - Aug 2, 2020
Their baked goods look delicious, but they only sold them as a full pie. Whole thing would have gone bad by the time we made it home. Friendly staff though ... read more
Patrick Perez via - Aug 1, 2020
Good produce. Friendly staff ... read more
Bobby Bentz via - Jul 29, 2020
BEST Chocolate pie that you have ever put in your mouth!!
BEST Chocolate pie that you have ever put in your mouth!!
Samantha Leaphart-Maroney via - Jul 29, 2020
Great fresh produce. Be sure to pick up some boiled peanuts!
Jeffrey Daniel via - Jul 28, 2020
Fun place to go, get some snacks for the road.
Scott Driscol via - Jul 27, 2020
Enjoyed the trip. For a pandemic the were lots of people and we all wore masks ... read more
Angie Aikens via - Jul 27, 2020
Needed Break in the Day
Whew! After scouring the area for cool water and a snack break, we found Kings. Thank goodness. A nice variety of fresh veg, a cooler full of drinks and a nice selection of fair-priced sweet-grass baskets 🧺 ... read more
Jill M via - Jul 21, 2020
My always first stop into Edisto!!❤️
My always first stop into Edisto!!❤️ ... read more
Edie Johnson via - Jul 19, 2020
Our first visit to Kings made us ...
Our first visit to Kings made us quickly realize a second visit was soon to follow. If you're within a 2-3 hour drive get in your car and drive there! The crab cakes were AMAZING! The strawberry shortcake and banana pudding were spectacular! We also tried the shrimp quiche and seafood casserole. My personal preference was the shrimp ... read more
Holly L. via - Jul 16, 2020
Best key lime pie ever!
L G via - Jul 10, 2020
Always excellent.
Tom Duncan via - Jul 8, 2020
Fresh vegetables & flowers!
Fresh vegetables & flowers!
Katherine Lenker Martin via - Jul 8, 2020
Wonderful open air market ... read more
Larry Odom via - Jul 2, 2020
Very friendly staff.  They opened ...
Very friendly staff.  They opened right on time and had a variety of products. The produce was fresh and looked great. I bought some peach butter that I haven't opened yet, a praline, and boiled peanuts. The praline was fresh and delicious.  It had a very rich taste so eating it in one sitting may not be for everyone. I had never had ... read more
Tina H. via - Jul 2, 2020
we were disappointed in the produce, small watermelons were $5 and did not have any flavor at all, wish they would have had the big striped ones with the seeds, but they did not, the cucumbers did not look good at all, purchased four tomatoes and threw out two of them because of no flavor whatsoever. Was hoping for a little better lo ... read more
David Bradshaw via - Jun 29, 2020
Cute spot
Based on reviews stopped here on way home. Heard reviews on key lime pie so got one and really liked it. Also got BLT dip and loved it. The crab dip was just ok for me. Cute spot would get pie and BLT dip again.
M H via - Jun 28, 2020
Good selection of local produce. We love casseroles and desserts.
Randy Collins via - Jun 27, 2020
Love King's Farm key lime pie and tomato pie!!
Beverly Waters via - Jun 27, 2020
If you're headed to Botany Bay ...
If you're headed to Botany Bay, or just cruising around Edisto, DO NOT pass this place up! They're open run til 6:00 but their stock starts dwindling, especially their popular items. It's like a farm stand with out of this world dishes straight from their kitchen, chilled and ready to go. We picked up some fresh farm veggies, a seafo ... read more
Brittany M. via - Jun 27, 2020
Love King’s Market!!! The jalapeño pimiento cheese is amazing!
Love King’s Market!!! The jalapeño pimiento cheese is amazing!
Heather McTeer Luckadoo via - Jun 27, 2020
Love the produce, casseroles and people here!
Leslie Minick via - Jun 25, 2020
I don’t like to leave unfortunate reviews
“Everyone” told me I had to come here for my fresh veggies and pre-made entrees. I was so excited that I could get fresh picked produce. I wanted to get some fresh corn. Well, it wasn’t fresh. The silk was dry and the husks were also. There are signs telling you not to peel the husks back to look at the ears. I didn’t buy corn that ... read more
Kathie K via - Jun 25, 2020
Great little prepared meals to pick up on your way in to Edisto Beach ... read more
MP CLARDY via - Jun 24, 2020
We absolutely love this market. I always stop on our way in to stock up for the week. Everything is wonderful! My husband is a banana pudding enthusiast and dubbed theirs the best he has ever had. Grab the bouquet if they’re in stock! They’re stunning!
Amber Miller via - Jun 23, 2020
We were treated very poorly at the check out counter. Very rude and snappy with any questions. The quality of the fruits, vegetables and brownie cheesecake was very great.
Taylor McGuire via - Jun 21, 2020
They were out of their signature pie and the staff was not very friendly.
Susan Painter via - Jun 21, 2020
Great place for fresh vegetables 👍👍👍❤❤❤ ... read more
Lori Halvoreson via - Jun 20, 2020
Great country market ... read more
Michele Smith via - Jun 19, 2020
I never drive by King's Farm Market without stopping to grab a tomato pie - it is to die for! We recently tried the Shrimp Spectacular and my only regret is that I didn't by the large!
Leigh Cook via - Jun 18, 2020
Cute little roadside market with the prettiest wildflower bouquets!
We stop here on every trip to Edisto! We love all of their homemade pies, cakes and casseroles. The have fresh fruits and veggies. I love the flower bouquets the best! The grow all of their own wildflowers and sunflowers. The are beautiful and always look beautiful on our rental homes dining table!
Tamara D via - Jun 11, 2020
What they do have is very good on prepared foods but selection of produce is limited and not enough stock of prepared foods.
Joseph Buono via - Jun 7, 2020
Great fresh fruit and vegetables and many homemade goodies.
Allen Bridwell via - Jun 6, 2020
Stopping by here and loading up on fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, tomato pie, boiled peanuts, and a Nehi Peach makes leaving the beach a little less hard. Thank you for that!
Margaret Brown via - Jun 1, 2020
Omgeeee! Just happened to come across this place out on our Sunday drive and am so happy we did! We bought a key lime pie and it is, hands down, the best pie I have ever had in my entire life! Thankfully my fiance doesn't like key lime, so it's allllllll mine!!!! 😋🍰 ... read more
Shannon Sweeney via - Jun 1, 2020
We've been wanting to stop in here for a while now, but unfortunately it seems like every time I make a camping trip to Edisto they've been closed. So today we finally got to go. And I'm really glad. It's a small little farmer's market with some fresh produce but the real find is all the homemade pies, dips, breads, desserts, and cas ... read more
Amanda Rowan via - May 31, 2020
Great place to grab so home cooking for supper. Tonight, we had their Vidalia onion pie and chicken poppies seed pie and it fed two hungry teenagers and their parents with a slice to spare. Fresh fruit and farm picked vegetables available too. I also had their chicken salad for lunch and it was so good I stopped again as I left the ... read more
David McKenzie via - May 24, 2020
Amazing, very good food market ... read more
ethlus Ethlus via - May 24, 2020
(Translated by Google) Well very attentive place (Original) Bueno lugar muy atentos ... read more
Clairet Perez via - May 24, 2020
Seriously love this place! Friendly staff, amazing food! Such a cool place!
Stephanie Kelley via - May 19, 2020
I enjoyed my visit! Loved being able to get fresh local produce!
I enjoyed my visit! Loved being able to get fresh local produce!
Jodi Lynn via - May 2, 2020
Food is DELICIOUS and the staff is super super sweet! My daughter had a blast picking strawberries!
Food is DELICIOUS and the staff is super super sweet! My daughter had a blast picking strawberries! Will definitely return ... read more
Stephanie Collier via - Apr 28, 2020
Definately worth the drive. The best selection of fresh produce, baked goods and garden items. One
Definately worth the drive. The best selection of fresh produce, baked goods and garden items. One of my favorite stops.
Staci Smith via - Apr 28, 2020
Great way to get away for the day. Beautiful local produce and nice way to see the farm. Strawberri
Great way to get away for the day. Beautiful local produce and nice way to see the farm. Strawberries were tasty and the key lime pie looks amazing!
Amy Hynes Houchins via - Apr 27, 2020
I love this place! It's a lifesaver in the midst of this mess. Last week, we bought corn, cabbage,
I love this place! It's a lifesaver in the midst of this mess. Last week, we bought corn, cabbage, and tomato pie... delicious! This week, we got strawberries, avocados, and corn casserole!! i can't wait to go back!!
Cindy Smith Craven via - Apr 21, 2020
Best key lime pie ever!
Best key lime pie ever!
Pamela Haynes Spisak via - Apr 2, 2020
Best key lime pie
Stopped here on a whim and picked up a key lime pie. Wish I could order online. Best key lime pie ever!
debbiekR7712LW via - Mar 23, 2020
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